Manufacturing cutting and stamping dies
Mechanical die cutters, up to 400 TM
Motor Protectors, pedals
Hydraulic presses up to 1,000 MT
Shaped / punched and stamped parts
Slides for vehicle seats
Auto parts for original equipment

INDUSTRIAS METALICAS JB produces a wide range of products for the automotive industry:

Car seat sliders, motor protectors, pedals, original and replacement auto parts, shaped / punched and stamped parts, manufacturing cutting and stamping dies, up to 1,000 tons hydraulic presses, 400 tons die cutting machines.

Mission & Vision


Industrias Metálicas JB is a Colombian company leader in the auto parts market, the mechanical and metal parts industry and services. dedicated to the manufacture of high quality products with great performance. Delivering technical solutions, using design, cutting, stamping, machining, welding and painting processes of excellent quality for local and the international industry. Add value to our customers, maximizing profitability, minimizing waste, ensuring their growth, progress and permanence. Ensure the well-being of our employees and the development of our country.


In 2018 be the local and Latin American leading company in the manufacture of slides seats for automobiles. Produce own auto parts and products of high turnover with appropriate technology, optimal use of resources, sustainable growth and world-class quality.

Development and implementation of the quality management system.

INDUSTRIAS METALICAS JB To demonstrate that we deliver products that meet the requirements of our customers and comply with the regulations. Our Quality Management System is aimed at optimizing our production process and increase the satisfaction of our customers.

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Renault-Sofasa Award "Best Supplier 2011"

Renault-Sofasa Award Best Supplier 2011 Industrias Metálicas JB was the provider that received from the hands of Lina María Vásquez, Department Manager of Projects & Suppliers Development, the award “Best provider of logistics 2011”.

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Sample of products manufactured by INDUSTRIAS METALICAS JB

INDUSTRIAS METALICAS JB was founded in 1981 at Bogotá.

INDUSTRIAS METALICAS JB INDUSTRIAS METALICAS JB was founded in Bogotá in the year of 1981 due to the needs of cars assemblers for integrated, complex and specialized mechanical systems, manufactured locally to replace imported parts.

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GM-Colmotores / Chevrolet Award "Best Supplier 2010"

GM-Colmotores / Chevrolet Best Suppliers Award 2010 Industrias Metálicas JB and Gabriel of Colombia received the recognition in the Chassis category.

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