Manufacturing cutting and stamping dies
Mechanical die cutters, up to 400 TM
Motor Protectors, pedals
Hydraulic presses up to 1,000 MT
Shaped / punched and stamped parts
Slides for vehicle seats
Auto parts for original equipment

INDUSTRIAS METALICAS JB produces a wide range of products for the automotive industry:

Car seat sliders, motor protectors, pedals, original and replacement auto parts, shaped / punched and stamped parts, manufacturing cutting and stamping dies, up to 1,000 tons hydraulic presses, 400 tons die cutting machines.

RENAULT-SOFASA "Award Best suppliers 2011"

On 21 February, as part of the industrial launch of the new Renault Duster made in the production plant in Envigado RENAULT-SOFASA, the Company held its Annual Meeting with Suppliers and awarded best strategic partners for 2011.

Based on the efforts and commitment of providers with the Renault Duster project, we chose the top eight suppliers of both standard parts, goods and services.

The award for "Best Quality supplier in 2011," went to MAC, automomobile battery provider that is headquartered in Yumbo and enjoys a strong presence in the Pacific region Andean, Central America and the Caribbean, offering their products to replacement and original equipment market.

Group of winners, Providers recognized for their outstanding management in 2011 for RENAULT-SOFASA
Group of winners, Providers recognized for their outstanding management in 2011 for RENAULT-SOFASA

The recognition as "Best Supplier in Engineering 2011" went to UMO, manufactures and markets systems for exhaust systems Renault cars. This supplier was characterized by following a disciplined process for new product development, especially for the new Renault Duster.

Industrias Metálicas JB received from the hands of Lina Maria Vasquez, Department Manager of Supplier Development Projects the prize for "Best Logistics Provider in 2011", the winner of this award stands for the compliance of the production programs, its quality, proper inventory management and compliance with the just in time program among other achievements.

The good results in aftersale: service rate, quality, logistics, among others, made that Vitro, glass supplier, received the award for "Best Aftersale supplier in 2011".

In the field of goods and services providers, the logistics also plays a key role in the achievement of the objectives of the Company, which is why this year SOFASA RENAULT recognized the work of Puertos Secos Integrados and honored them with the award "Best provider of goods and services in Logistics 2011".

In the category "Best Equipment and PHF Supplier 2011" Jimenez Montero received the award for their designs, high engineering standards used for the development and manufacture the tools for the H79 project, now called Renault Duster.

Because of its great commitment in the excellence process, compliance with the RENAULT-SOFASA policies, for the management of human talent and careful operation, the Company was presented with the award of "Best provider of Facilities 2011" an WTO, provider of maintenance and engineering.

The award for "Provider of Providers 2011" was to INORCA, a company dedicated to the manufacture of cushions and stood out as an excellent provider.

In the area of Quality, INORCA had over 30 months zero defective parts, fully executed the productivity plan of 2011 negotiated with the Company, met with a 100% service charge over the last year; joined important pieces for the project Renault Duster; expanded their markets to traditional and non-traditional destinations such as Vietnam, began consolidating the system of ideas and suggestions as part of their productivity system, among many other achievements.

"INORCA has been supplier and ally of RENAULT-SOFASA since its first vehicle assembly, for over 40 years. During that time, we lived with our client every good time, every difficult time. Today, we work with a highly committed team and world class industrial processes, the recognition we receive from RENAULT-SOFASA has special meaning, We are proud and invites us to continue working together for the benefit of all who work in this dynamic sector, "said Guillermo Lopez, CEO of INORCA.

Meanwhile Juan Carlos Duque, Purchase Manager of RENAULT SOFASA, concluded: "recognize the management of our suppliers is a way to thank them for their commitment to our Company, is a way to motivate them to achieve the goals together, is a invitation to get together into the future".

Development and implementation of the quality management system.

INDUSTRIAS METALICAS JB To demonstrate that we deliver products that meet the requirements of our customers and comply with the regulations. Our Quality Management System is aimed at optimizing our production process and increase the satisfaction of our customers.

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Renault-Sofasa Award "Best Supplier 2011"

Renault-Sofasa Award Best Supplier 2011 Industrias Metálicas JB was the provider that received from the hands of Lina María Vásquez, Department Manager of Projects & Suppliers Development, the award “Best provider of logistics 2011”.

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Sample of products manufactured by INDUSTRIAS METALICAS JB

INDUSTRIAS METALICAS JB was founded in 1981 at Bogotá.

INDUSTRIAS METALICAS JB INDUSTRIAS METALICAS JB was founded in Bogotá in the year of 1981 due to the needs of cars assemblers for integrated, complex and specialized mechanical systems, manufactured locally to replace imported parts.

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GM-Colmotores / Chevrolet Award "Best Supplier 2010"

GM-Colmotores / Chevrolet Best Suppliers Award 2010 Industrias Metálicas JB and Gabriel of Colombia received the recognition in the Chassis category.

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